Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday Funnies

Things that made me laugh this week:

"'Come back!' said all the pale little villagers as one of their own was swept up in the dark current of people..."

"Capella Haiku:

Oh sweet Capella
keeper of Katrina ambi
Wade is so gleeful

Republicans meet
Capella is on late night scene
She is excellent"
(A colleague wrote this for my co-worker Capella. I realize it's not funny to most of you, but it made me laugh and that's what the Friday Funnies are all about.)

"I take my dating much more seriously than my football."

"Laurie, have you ever been so drunk that the room was spinning?"
(A co-worker asked me this. I'm not sure he believed me when I said "no.")

"People I hate: A 427-Part Series"

"You and Ross should write a book together...'A Day in the Life of Shady People.'"

"All metaphors should be cold and delicious."

"Let me know if you want help picking out your first-date outfit."

"I dreamed about your blog last night. I was reading the Friday Funnies and, well, they just weren't funny."


Josh. Don't make me repeat myself again, ho! said...

So many questions that shall go unanswered. Your week sounded more enjoyable, but I bet mine had more interesting stories... not really.


Laurie said...

Hey Big Little Brother! I'm not so sure about my week being enjoyable...but interesting stories are always to be found in Laurie-land. Love you bunches!