Sunday, August 13, 2006

To ___

See me standing here?
I hope I look tough
to you. Tough and strong
and unafraid and
maybe defiant as well.
Maybe you look at me
and you are scared. I
hope so. I hope my
defiance convinces you
to never hurt me again.
Not that I will let you. You
aren't allowed in any more.
At the center
there is a heart dripping blood
telling you how much you're hurting me.
But it's lying. I won't let you
Hurt me.

~Laurie Johnson


Shanna said...


Sara said...

Laurie! I am a friend of Jessica Haas', who linked your blog in her own on Xanga. I immediately decided that you are a super cool chick, because first of all: you write and post great poetry and quotes. #2, you have a starbucks addiction that so hard to tame, just like me! And you write humorous entries inviting people to treat you to coffee, which is EXACTLY something that I would do. #3, you're friends with Jessica Haas, who is one of the most unique, gifted, insightful, and loving people on the face of God's green earth. and #4,you're definitely funny. lol, so if you don't mind, I will keep reading your cute and endearing blog :) My name is Sara, by the way. You can to my blog from Jess' - it's called "kissmesqueezemeloveme21" on Xanga...but I think I'm gonna start making one on here too. Well, God bless u, talk to u later! Have a great day!

jhaas said...

laurie, i cried. i relate, especially right this moment...

then i read your comments and I cried again. Our Father...

Laurie said...

Hey thanks for posting and thanks for all your kind words and encouragement! I'd love to post on your blog...but I don't have a xanga account yet. The adorable Miss Jessica is trying to convince me to start an account just so I can comment on her blog.

I'm so glad you like my blog and love having new blog friends. :)