Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random Observations (although not a list of 18)

  • Saw Hot BMW Owner again today. We chatted for a bit. He asked me how my conference in L.A. went. We talked about work. Guess what he does...he started a hedge fund last year and does his own trading. He has amazing eye lashes. Darrick, you've got competition for the Best Male Lashes of the Year award.
  • I'm not nearly as nice as I seem. I am impatient, arrogant, supercilious and I probably think I am better than you. It's not pretty.
  • Singles jump to conclusions way too easily. Despite appearances, things aren't always what they seem.
  • The things that most intimidate me are usually the things I need to welcome into my life. I have a challenge ahead of me that I am going to tackle, but it scares me. If you want to know more, ask me after Sunday.
  • I've been listening to too much sappy music lately. It's making me sad. Must stop playing Izzy's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Also must remove the "Sad Songs" playlist from my ipod.
  • Starbucks cup quote of the day "Food is the great equalizer...Remember, you can always love people through food." I often show my love to people by cooking for them. If I have ever cooked you dinner or made something because you said you liked it, I was showing you how much I love you.
  • Bongo-boy is back with a vengeance. He's been playing a variety of songs every night and sometimes in the morning. *Clenching teeth.*
  • Several of you will be disappointed because this blog entry isn't funny enough. Sorry. See the sappy songs entry above. Feeling more sad than funny right now. Hopefully the funny will be back tomorrow.


Troy said...

I think supercilious is a super silly word.

Karie said...

Supercilious is one of our vocab words...Ah, thoughts of school starting again...Now that will put anyone in a sad mood.

EBay said...

Troy... somehow with all the "s"'s in that sentence, I am hearing it in the voice of Kip Dynamite.

Troy said...

Erin - that is too funny. Kip's voice is the ringer on my cell phone.