Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hello, Hello

The other night I was involved in a minor car accident. I scratched a car as I was pulling alongside of it while parallel parking. It was totally my fault. The owner wasn't around, so I left a note on the car. Did I mention it was a BMW? Dang it!

The owner has since called me back and we met. Can I just say...he is HOTT!!! And sooo nice! He's not even really that worried about the damage and told me not to stress about it. He's friends with my next-door neighbor and told me the next time I see his car parked out front, I should drop by and say hello. To which I say "Hello, Hello." ;)


dovie said...

How fun will this story be to tell in 30 years...?

"Well, even though it's technically my fault, your granda can't park worth a darn, but if it wasn't for that, I never would have scratched his car and we might never have met!"

Shanna said...

I know two couples who are now married who met through car accidents.

I am now inspired! I am about to drive through the Post Oak and San Felipe intersection while my light is red. Destiny is waiting.

EBay said...

Would it be bad if I waited for some hottie to get out of his nice car, and THEN hit it with my car?

"...No, officer, I never wrote that comment on Laurie's blog. Someone must have hacked into my blogger account."

Anonymous said...

I hit a minivan just like that a few years ago. Not so HOT!!! (Laura Bell)