Thursday, July 20, 2006

How Poetic

I am beside myself. Seriously, it's like I'm sitting next to me right now. How can this be possible, you ask? Well, all sorts of wonderful and magical things happen once you have become the subject of an ode.

Ok, so I just re-read the ode and I guess maybe I'm not technically the subject of the ode after all. But I think we can safely say I did inspire the ode.

Hmmm, just read it again. I guess I didn't really inspire the ode either. But the brownie I baked...that baby got this whole ode thing off the ground.

So maybe it wasn't my brownie that started the ode trend. Looking back, it might have actually been something more like a blueberry.

But there is no denying I am named in the ode and my brownie is praised. I think I am even referenced as the best baker...errr, no...never mind.

1 comment:

jhaas said...

ah hahaha. Starbucks!