Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Times

This week I realized that the most random things make me happy. I'm not talking about the joy of life. This isn't a spiritual post about the meaning of the universe etc etc etc... I'm just talking the little things that happen on any given day that make smile, feel good or revel in the moment. Here are some of the things I have delighted in this week.

My dear friends Dustin and Megan called me on Sunday to invite me to join them for last-minute dinner plans. I was so excited I found myself skipping around my house and bouncing up the stairs.

Coffee has made me very, very happy this week. Just holding the mug makes me feel better.

Yesterday I opened the fridge and realized I still had some fresh cherries from my last trip to the grocery store. Cherries are my favorite fruit.

Simultaneous to the cherry moment, I had a basil moment. Jeanine's basil plant went crazy and all "woo hoo" last week and produced an abundance of basil. She shared. I incorporated the herb into the meal I was cooking.

Speaking of the meal, it made me happy too. It was an experiment. No recipe. Just a bunch of random things like basil and tomatoes and red pepper flakes and presto! I had a meal. I have to admit, it was really good.

A new friend paid me the highest compliment I have ever received. I was truly touched and it made me immensely happy.

And finally, when I just ran spellcheck on this entry the program suggested I change "woo hoo" to "woo ho."

Reggie Aqui makes me happy for a whole host of reasons. O Reggie of the sweater vest and puffy jacket, your live shots bring joy to my otherwise mundane existence.


Todd Richards said...

Laurie, the paragraph about experimental cooking is truly good times.

jhaas said...

Laurie! this post made me smile with appreciation for the little wonders of life. Your joyfull heart is contagious.

great post.