Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I heart Google

I am about to call some people out. Fortunately, they are people who don't know me and I don't know them. So it's all good.

I have this web-based service which allows me to track how many people visit my website each day. I can see things like IP addresses, frequency of visits from a particular address and the time of day they hit the site. The gold mine is that I can see if someone did an internet search to reach my site and what key words they entered that led them to QQ. Hehehehe. This leads to much fun. Over the past few months here are some of the word searches that led people to my site.

"Sexxxx" ~ At least three different people from Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Canada reached my site through searching this word. I am thinking they probably did not find exactly what they were looking for.

"How to flirt" ~ Here's something they are much more likely to learn by reading QQ. I am pretty good at flirting. One of the best, actually. I can teach anyone the art of flirting. Are you a young, single, attractive male? I can definitely teach you. Call me.

"Single christian girls" ~ So many thoughts...

"Laurie and Brian" ~ Hello, hello. :}

"Fixodent kiss commercial" ~ Clearly someone else was disturbed by this ad campaign as well. Old people making out in the back of a cab...reminds me of something...

"How to become a great kisser" ~ Okay, I don't know whether it's cute or sad that someone googled this. To the kiss-student, whoever you are, you go guy!

"What peppermint says about your personality" ~ Ummm, I think googling this says something about your personality.

"Spit in her mouth" ~ Yikes. I don't know whether this was an angry query or a shady one. Either way...yikes.

"Beat her up" ~ I hope this wasn't the same person that did the previous search.

"How do roaches procreate" ~ Troy, please tell me you are the one who googled this. Otherwise, it means someone else out there really wanted to know the answer to this question.


brian said...

Eden Prairie says hello! Hope you are well.

Eye Doctor Justin said...

Alright Laurie, I am already nauseated enough about this whole deal without you planting images in my mind of him making-out with Phyllis (that is her name) in the backseat of a Lincoln Towncar.