Thursday, June 29, 2006

Circle of Friends: Part Three

I almost didn't make it with my blog entry today. Too many things happening all in one day. But I managed to pull it off after all and I am here to tell you about my wonderful friend Laurie Lau.

Laurie Lau is my long-lost twin sister. She is Chinese and I am cajun and we share the same name, so we were clearly separated at birth (it makes sense in our minds). Laurie is the one person that I am most likely to spend time both laughing and crying with (sometimes simultaneously). We get together and act completely silly and random but it never fails that our conversations go deep and we get down to the raw things in our hearts.

Laurie is the most spiritually fervent person I know. Her passion to know Christ and share Him with others permeates her entire being. She is amazing. I often say I think she is the single most incredible person in Summit. All of her goals are centered around being used by and for Christ.

Laurie's heart for missions is what gave me a passion for other countries. When we first started hanging out, I was content to stay right here and let others go to the tough places. But her testimony, exhortation and prayers helped birth in me a desire to serve the nations. Laurie's passion for world missions is so strong that she actually feels oppressed in her spirit if she stays in the U.S. for too long. She's already been to Cuba this year and has plans to go to China and Sudan before the year is over. That's just the kind of person she is.

In addition to being the most zealous Christian I know, Laurie is also my soul sistah. She is a completely American, Chinese girl who thinks she is a black woman. And I can relate to that. I'm Hot, she's Mama, together we're one Hot Mama. Because we're long-lost twin sisters and we look so much alike, people are always getting us mixed up. Those are the kinds of jokes we make and laugh for hours about.

Laurie, your example is a constant source of inspiration to me. I want to be more like you because I know that being like you means being more like Christ. Thank you for loving me.

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