Monday, May 08, 2006

Run Away, Run Away

I "retreated" this weekend. Here's a list of some of the things I learned over the course of my 37-hour retreat with other Summit peeps. (I have been informed that 18 is the perfect number of observations and I did it wrong last time. So 18 it is...)

1. It is very nice to have other people chauffeur, cook for and generally take care of me all weekend.
2. I will never think about bananas in the same way again.
3. Eye Doctor Justin will never think about BandAids in the same way again.
4. I'm not sure I am strong enough to confront the giants in my life.
5. I can never hear the words "you're pretty" too many times.
6. Some friendships mean more to me than I can ever possibly express.
7. I have control issues.
8. Three guys, one girl and a small sedan is a recipe for hilarity and shadiness.
9. Nobody doesn't like canoodling.
10. I feel most blessed when I am able to bless others.
11. Two words: dripping ooze.
12. Organic is good.
13. While it's natural for me to lead, it's so much nicer to be led.
14. When I have leftover meat all I have to do is slide it across the table.
15. Camp houses in Texas are like luxury hotels compared to camp houses in Cuba.
16. People owe me hugs. I will collect.
17. No phone service or email for a full weekend can be a very good thing.
18. I have no idea why I am so loved by my friends, but it is one of the greatest joys of my life.


Eye Doctor Justin said...

I think that that you just came up with a great new sitcom idea... "Three guys, a girl, and a sedan" It's gonna be a big hit

Eye Doctor Justin said...

oh Laurie, I still have your towel and bed sheet... how is that for shadiness?

Jen said...

15. Camp houses in Texas are like luxury hotels compared to camp houses in Cuba.

Ain't that the truth!

rwt said...

I think those in the Whoop-mobile (is this shady too?) learned a lot also about the shadiness of kolaches. I will never look at those the same either - sick I tell you, just sick...

Laurie said...

O Eye Doctor Justin, that is shady indeed. Don't tell anyone...