Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogiversary: Day Three

I hope you are all enjoying the QQ guest bloggers. I do want to post a small clarification. There has been some guessing as to identities. Just so you all know, the guest bloggers were chosen from a group of people who do not have their own blogs. So for all of you who think Todd is Mr. X, you're wrong. Mr. X, like all the others, does not have a blog.

Today's guest blogger is also anonymous. In fact, I'll be keeping this guest blogger's gender a secret as well. The entry is intended to be ambiguous...draw your own conclusions. Enjoy.

The "18 Observations List" Originator
  1. Chicken box lunches are ($500-70-9) expensive.
  2. Cars are never to be considered "an investment."
  3. Just because you think it, does not mean you should say it.
  4. Shooting guns can be fun, I guess, but "Shotgunning" is not.
  5. With the most eligible bachelor gone, men might not be so intimidated to ask.
  6. Cool is a very relative term.
  7. Sometimes wounds, when rubbed raw, can give you the greatest comfort.
  8. Stories are best told in Sequence.
  9. I hate Prairie Dogs -- Not Literally.
  10. You're looking very "makie-outie" today! -- Can't hear that enough.
  11. T-Holla needs to step up to the plate and represent.
  12. "Dorkiness" can be so attractive!
  13. You may not be a "favorite", but 'acquired tastes' can leave a lasting impression.
  14. WE are never the Bridesmaid -- WE are all Brides!
  15. Luggage Racks on cars are not very conducive to man.
  16. Observer and Server: Nearly similar in spelling, but vastly different when considering their roles.
  17. Who knew that laziness could look so good?
  18. 18 observations -- that is just one too many...


Eye Doctor Justin said...
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Troy said...

Originator, why you gotta be callin' me out!?!

Karla said...

Does Lori Latham have a blog, because if not, I'm thinking a lot of those sound like something she'd say...especially the one about the luggage rack. Though certain members of last year's Guatemala trip would beg to differ as they experienced the freedom and joy of riding up a mountain on top of a GMC. I was just jealous that I didn't think of doing it!!