Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Last night I had a dream that I met the family members of a friend of mine. We were in an airport because they were flying in for a visit. My friend and I walked into the airport and he pointed out his family to me...and they were hippies! All of them. Parents, siblings...the whole bunch. The dad had long, curly hair. The mom was wearing love beads and a tunic. They were all very granola. It was the most shocking and funny experience. Now I wonder what they really look like...

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Silvia said...

Granola!? I used to use that word in college!? The more I get to know you Laurie the more I think we are alike! When I moved to A&M I use to call it "granola town" because no one there wore anything but flip flops and t-shirts.

No one down here knows that word. I had to change my word to "frump." Aaah, rich vocabulary Laurie--love it!