Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I just interviewed an eight-year-old kid who has so much going on in his personal life that he didn't have time for school. His parents enrolled him in an online school so he would have enough time for his piano lessons, drum lessons, children's symphony and golf. It is just sad to me when an adorable, freckle-faced boy tells me he just didn't have enough time in his day to fit everything in.

His mother says "He, at first, really missed going on the playground, but I think he's accomplishing so much more."


the other Justin said...

alliteration makes me smile.
(This is the part where I would put the obligatory sideways smiley face, but I refuse.)

jess said...

poor kid, doesn't have time for a life.

Jason said...

Where will he acquire social skills? Is this more for his accomplishments or his mother's?

Anonymous said...

any child that is that busy it is definitely for the parent benefit.