Friday, April 28, 2006


Friday is a good day to leave you pondering one of life's greatest questions. I got a package in the mail that I was really excited about (I knew it was a birthday present from a friend). I saw the box was marked "Sephora" which made it even better (for all you guys, Sephora is a high-end retailer of cosmetics). So here's the box.
To give you an idea of the actual size of the box I placed a baseball next to it.
Clearly the box is MUCH larger than a baseball. I am very excited about what might be inside the box. I open it to find a very cute Sephora giftbox inside.
Can anyone see what the little note on the box says? It says "Happy Mother's Day." Awww, how sweet...wait a minute...that's not right. Oh well, hopefully one day...
So here's the smaller box next to the baseball.
What could this darling, mother-present possibly contain? I open with breathless anticipation and pull back the tissue to find...
The teeny-tiniest little case of lip gloss in the entire world. Each little tube is about half the size of my pinkie finger. The entire case is smaller than the palm of my hand. It's precious and it's attached to a keychain so I can carry it with me everywhere. But would someone please explain to me the irrational packaging and shipping phenomenon??? It could easily have been shipped in a padded envelope for a tenth the cost. Here's a picture of the whole collection.
There you have it, talk amongst yourselves.

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riles said...

Apparently, we are all still so baffled by this phenomenon that no one has been able to utter a thought. There, I broke the ice. I'm going to go back to staring amazedly at such "monuments of inefficiency." I think Chili's just got out done!