Friday, March 10, 2006

Viva la Revolucion!

To my faithful 2.7 readers: I'm going to Cuba. I'm actually flying rather than taking the pick-up boat shown here, but it may take just as long to get there. I won't be updating the blog until some time during the week of March 20th. So I'm leaving you with all sorts of fun links and pictures to enjoy while I am gone. And if you get really bored at work, you can always go back through the archives. :)

Cuba Facts
Our Hotel
Our Transportation
Pastor Gregg in Cuba
The Climate
The Wildlife
Jerrell leading worship
The Leadership Team
Local Converts
Evening Devotions
My Testimony


Jessica said...

Laurie, we'll be praying for you guys and expecting some great updates upon your return!!

Karie said...

We'll miss you! Hope you have an amazing time where God really works through you and blesses your efforts! Love ya!

Amy said...

Buena Suerte!