Thursday, March 30, 2006

I have arrived

This may be my last blog entry ever. There is simply no need to go on after this. I have reached the pinnacle. Todd Richards thinks I am uber cool. Sigh.

todd-dancingLadies and Gentlemen, this man defines uber cool. If you don't believe me, check out his blog where currently at least three different women are demanding personal visits and attention from him.

Speaking of three women, this man is cool enough to have three hot ladies for dates on New Year's Eve.

This man is so cool that other men are jealous of the attention paid to him.

todd-sunshineTodd Richards is so cool that he collects Sunshine around him.

He's cooler than the other side of the pillow...and he thinks I am uber cool. I plan to retire while I'm at the top of my game.


Todd Richards said...

Laurie... I am speechless. Truly speechless.

Kristen the roommate said...

I want that first picture of him dancing up on our fridge...that is priceless.

I find it funny that this whole thing started from you quoting Anchorman. I saw that at Dustin's and am not sure I'll ever be the same, sweet, naive girl I was before watching that movie. ;)

Dustin said...

I look good!


Jessica said...

Todd - Was this where the stalking first began?? I'm trying to trace back... :)

Karla said...

Does Kirk know about this? Kelly, you may win the girl fight by default, now that Laurie's affections have been transferred...or at least swayed. Now's your chance, girls...who wants to fight Kelly for Kirk now? Any takers?

Todd, you ARE way cool and one heck of a 42 player.

Reformed Spirituality said...

Laurie, based on a quick read of your profile and your comments on my site,I would have to agree with Todd. Thanks for checking out my blog.