Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm Not Bitter

It's the story everyone has been waiting for. Most of you have heard it already...some straight from the source, some through the Summit Gossip Machine. It's a story that just keeps getting better.

This is the story of three single women. They were three women who just wanted a cute, affordable, well-situated place to live in a quiet, safe and trendy neighborhood. Was that too much to ask? Apparently the answer is "yes."

So the Fab Three moved this past weekend.
Day One: The nightmare began when I arrived at the house to drop off a load of boxes on Friday. I walked upstairs to find the ceiling in the hall caving in and water seeping through a huge crack. The carpet was saturated (and beginning to smell) and the ceiling on the first floor was damaged as well. Fantastic.

Day Two: Repairmen show up early on Saturday to seal the leak in the roof and cut out the soggy sheetrock. They leave behind a wet, smelly carpet and a gaping hole in the ceiling, loosely covered with plastic. The moving bodily injuries and only minor damage to furniture. Then the DISCOVERY is made. The water heater runs off a gas connection. We were told everything was we haven't contacted the gas company. The realization gas means no hot water. No hot water means no showers. No showers means grossness. We recover from the shock and keep on trudging. It's really cold in the house so someone turns on the furnace...guess what. Yep, it runs off of gas also. No hot water. No heat. Still day two. We can't get in touch with the woman who was going to sell us her washer and dryer no washer and dryer. No clean laundry. No hot water. No heat. Day two continues. Someone flushes the upstairs toilets...the one in the master bath leaks around the base. The second one won't flush. No laundry. No hot water. No heat. No toilets. There are some dirty dishes brought from the old house. We load them into the dishwasher. The dishwasher turns on. Yes! The dishwasher won't cycle through and stops working. No dishwasher. Day two finally ends.

Day three: No dishwasher, no laundry, no toilets, no heat, no hot water, a gaping hole in the ceiling and a wet, smelly carpet.

Day four: The ceiling is fixed! The toilets are fixed! The dishwasher has to be replaced, but at least we get a new one! Still no heat, no hot water, no laundry.

Day five: CenterPoint Energy promises to show up some time during the day to connect the gas. My mom sits in the freezing house all day waiting for them. They never show. We call, they say they came by and no one was home. They are lying. They say they will send a night crew to come out, but can't guarantee what time they will show up. Kristen sleeps on the couch all night, waiting for them. They don't come.

Day six: We call CenterPoint. They say they came at 10:30 last night and no one was there. Bull. All three of us were home and awake and anxiously awaiting their arrival. Do they perhaps have the wrong address? We confirm they have the correct address. They will send someone out today and call ahead of time. It is now 3:20 and no phone call. I get on the phone with one of my media contacts and tell her the problem...can she help in any way, please? She says she will have a supervisor call me and take care of it. That was three hours ago. No laundry. No heat. No hot water. No more patience.


Anonymous said...

....and I forgot to add that the stunning and charming Dave and Dustin helped us move! They were hours of entertainment and made us roll over laughing in our moment of panic.

It's odd that the toilet worked when I (Dave) used it the first time....

....BTW, Dave and Dustin are "not bitter" that they didn't get a shout out.....

Shanna said...

Don't forget the cutting board drama. I adore you, but I'm glad I'm not living there!

Shanna said...

Don't forget the cutting board drama. I adore you, but I'm glad I'm not living there!

dovie said...

So...that explains why I've had radio silence since I asked Kristen how the move went.