Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Friends who help you move are AWESOME!

Did I mention that five amazingly handsome, studly and all-round stellar guys helped the Fab Three with their move?

Of course the award for coolest male mover goes to Dave. Hands-down cool. He may not look pretty when he runs, but put him in the back of a U-Haul and give him a few mattresses to move and the man is simply a machine.

Best married male mover award goes to Dustin. Wow. Has there ever been a married male mover quite like this one? He can swear with the best of them, and is always good for a beer run. What a stud.

Best brother male mover award goes to Josh. The bestest brother ever and awfully funny. Even when he feels stuffy and achey, he is there all the way.

Best fake future roommate male mover award goes to Kirk. Ladies, this has to be one of the sweetest male movers you'll ever come across. The cuddle just oozes out of him. And he's good at heavy lifting too!

And the award for Best Male Mover of All Time goes to Troy. The man put in eight hours of dedicated work on everything from furniture moving to light bulb replacement to cable repair to bed assemblage. All this, plus moral support and encouragement for the low, low price of a batch of blueberry muffins.

Five Male all.


Dustin said...

Please, keep those compliments coming (how do you get sarcasim to come across in text?)

I think Dave and I got ripped off in this post... :)

Anonymous said...

And don't forget T-Rich for doing a fine job on a drive by taunt.

Troy said...

I want everyone to know that I also work for hamburgers.

Todd Richards said...

Hey Anonymous (yes, I know its you, Krik)... I was heading out of town to see my precious nephew... cut me some slack.

As for the men you mentioned, I have been involved in moves with Dave, Dustin, Kirk, and Troy. I can attest to their strong moving abilities.

Dave has to be the best for organizing a truck. That guy can fit as much as you have into whatever sized vehicle you have available. And he can also outrun washing machines very nicely.

Dustin, Kirk, and Troy... I have not moved as much with you as I have with Dave, so he gets all the kudos. Y'all are great too... don't get me wrong.

rwt said...

Just keep Troy out of the U-haul drivers seat!!

btw: he can screw in a lightbulb?!?! teach me...

Hope the shower works now!!