Friday, January 27, 2006

Reason # 137 Why I Love My Job

All day long we get press releases via mail, fax and email. One just popped into my inbox and reminded me why my job is so great. The subject line says "BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS~Houston." It's a promo for an event featuring this "internationally renowned bellydance troupe." This email is not a joke and is not spam...they are serious.


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Karla said...

Do you think they're holding auditions? I was thinking of a career change. Just kidding. Wow! It always amazes me to see what people give their lives to. Last night, before the movie started, there was this clip in which I saw a group of elderly women line dancing to old timey country music. They were very serious about their performance. Makes you wonder...what will I be doing in 50 years?