Friday, January 27, 2006


Those of you who know me well know that I have some odd dreams. Some of them I take seriously (Travis, where is Travis??!!). Some of them don't really mean anything (Sam, give us that house back!). Today I got an email from a dear friend. The subject line was "worst dream ever." The dream was about me. Here's the transcription of the email.

"I had a dream last night that we were all going on a trip somewhere on Southwest. Our plane got delayed so we all waited around, but you snuck onto an earlier flight. We watched it take off and then all of the cargo dumped out of the bottom of it. It fell several hundred feet and we thought it was going to crash. It regained speed, but then fell straight down and crashed. It was horrible. We had grief meetings all afternoon."

My friend told me the dream was so real that she woke up and started crying. There's no way to answer if this dream "means" anything or not. We've been studying the book of Daniel in Sunday School and we know that no man can know or interpret dreams, only God can do this. But I don't discount the importance of dreams. At the very least, dreams often reveal to us our deepest fears, desires and faults. Does it concern me that my friend dreamed of my death? No. I am secure in my Savior and have no cause to fear death. Death has no sting! But it does remind me that I should never take a day for granted. I don't know what this day will result in and I don't know when the Lord will choose to call me to Himself.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.


Jessica said...

Wow... I've had dreams like that too - so real that you wake up with your heart beating and full of emotion.

I'd agree, they are often the best and the worst ever...

Praise God that in the face of the "worst", we can place our trust in Him for His absolute peace!!

I love your wisdom Laurie; I think I would have been a little freaked out for a while, personally. :)

Anonymous said...

not to put a damper on things but just a different angle.

there are 4 periods of events that occur when you sleep. they typically complete a cycle every 90 minutes or so and this cycle frequency may shorten as you progress through your night's rest (there is a lot of variability). if, for what ever reason, you awake during the REM part of the sleep cycle, it is likely/possible that your heart will be racing, you may have sweaty palms, and you are surely more likely to remember whatever your were just dreaming. i have had concerning vivid dreams...but sometimes i wonder if i would have even remembered it if i woke up 5 minutes later while in another part of the sleep cycle

"The Wise Roommate" said...

the dream meant nothing? Hmmm... somehow I think it does mean something... the dwelling is MINE!