Thursday, December 08, 2005

Theatrical Thursday

Woe is me! Or is that woe is I? The New York trip has been called off! I am seriously bummed about this. No winter wonderland for me this year...just ho-hum Houston. Now you might say that it's stinkin' cold enough in Houston to make me happy...but I see no flakes wafting gently down from the heavens. I see no outdoor ice skating rinks surrounded by fluffy mounds of pristine snow. I see no 40-foot tall Christmas tree covered in thousands of lights soaring into the sky. I see no...well you get the idea.


erin vanv said...

Sometimes life is better without snow. I'm looking forward to wearing flip-flops on Christmas.

(Though I do sympathize with you because I loved visiting NYC)

Maybe it would make you feel better if you planned a trip to Calgary in the near future :) We have lots of snow.

Aimee said...

I miss your advent-ing.....