Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Not Crazy

Ok, well I might be crazy, but not in reference to this particular topic. When I was a kid I liked to read the encyclopedia in my spare time (yes, I'm THAT girl). I have mentioned to a few people that I am fascinated by ants and aphids because of what I learned from my scholarly readings. Some ants will actually "herd" aphids and "milk" them for food. Now when I bring this up some people look at me like I'm crazy. Clearly I must be making it up or hallucinating or living in a happy little world of ant farming. They vocalize the opinion that I have been listening to too much public radio and clearly I need to switch to Fox News because a wacky lie like ants and aphids must be the propaganda of the liberal media.

Well guess what! The conspiracy is true! God is cool enough to come up with something crazy like that. The complexity and wonders of God's creation are astounding. Think of what an imagination God has to come up with something like ants milking aphids!

Now go and read your encyclopedia and listen to public might learn something.


s said...

i wish i would have known; i would have supported you. i learned about this in a more traditional fassion (science class-i can't remember it if was 7th or 9th grade) and i inadvertently think about it from time to time.

this herding event actually pops in my head (fortunately not for long) when i read allegorical scripture about believers being sheep and Jesus the sheppard (ie. John 10). i know that this is a VERY POOR analogy but i have never seen or been around real sheppards or sheep. i have however, read (again not witnessed) about this ant-aphid relationship. now one reason this makes for a poor association is because the insect relationship is symbiotic at best but more like herd-parasitism. the relationship that Christ is describing is purely altruistic.

anyway, you are not alone. you're not crazy.

nickthebrit said...

Sorry it's unrelated, but another reason to love Google:

Woohoo - worldwide fame is just around the corner, I can almost smell it.