Friday, February 25, 2011

Fake Boyfriends...and other things I found

Ask and ye shall receive, they always say. Well friends, I got an excellent fake boyfriend delivered to me that I can now use in all situations wherein a fake boyfriend is required. Here's the story...I showed up to an event where a good friend of mine was sitting at a table all alone. He called out to me and said I should come sit next to him. Naturally, I made a quip about how if we sat together alone at the table we might need to have a DTR. Of course, he knew I was just joking. However, the leader of the event was standing nearby and overheard the comment.

Later in the course of the evening, the leader was up front talking and made a joke about how some people in the audience might not be paying attention to what he was saying because they were probably distracted by "that special someone" sitting next to them. He then pointed at us and said "like that guy in the back corner sitting with Laurie."

Cue the entire room turning to look back at us sitting together.
Add the unfortunate timing that I had literally just leaned over to say something to my friend, which resulted in giving the impression that we were rather cozy with one another.

My face turned about a dozen shades of red and I waved off the stares, stammering "no,'ve got the wrong idea."

The damage was done. But God, in His infinite wisdom, provides all our needs. Including fake boyfriends.


Anonymous said...

I think you're about to put your real "fake boyfriend" out of a job with an imaginary boyfriend. - Dan

Laurie said...

Oh no...they're onto me!