Monday, November 22, 2010

Adventures in House-Hunting

I'm planning to move in a few weeks and have looked at one or two places so far. I'll just be renting, not buying, but the experience has far. I've only checked out a couple spots because it's a bit early to finalize anything.

The first place I looked at came about by driving through a neighborhood. I spied a cute little place with a For Rent sign out front. So I called the number and chatted with the owner about the details of price, size etc. He told me his wife could meet me there to show me the property if I wanted to see it right away, so I agreed.

A few minutes later she pulled up...a very cute little old lady bundled in a sweater, cheerily waving at me. Mentally, I thought this could be a good sign.

As we walked up to the apartment she was telling me about the property. "There's the main house, which we own, and the apartment in the back which we lease out. We're the landlords, so you'd be dealing directly with us."

"Oh, so do you and your husband live in the house?" I asked, politely, trying to make conversation.

She stopped, looked at me and said, in a none too pleasant voice, "NO. I told you. I know it's hard to listen, but I already informed you we're the landlords. We don't live here. We just rent it. Landlord means we rent it."

Then she headed up the stairs, cheerily informing me of the various amenities.
I made a mental note to scratch this one off the list.
Even if the apartment was adorable, the landlady was not.

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