Friday, July 16, 2010

On being forgettable

Before my vacation to Colorado, I sent an email to about a dozen friends, asking if anyone could take me to and pick me up from the airport. Several people responded and I made arrangements with two of them for rides.

One of my guy friends volunteered as the one to pick me up when I arrived back in town. I sent him all my flight information and confirmed that he would be available.

The night before my flight he sent me a text message confirming that he was still scheduled to pick me up.

The morning of my flight he sent me another text message that said he would be at the airport at 8pm to get me.

The night of my flight he forgot me.


Carissa said...

oh . . . that sounds like a guy who hasn't learned to use the calendar function on his cell phone! (um, or maybe is so far out of date that he doesn't have a calendar on his cell phone?)

O.M.G. said...

i bet he felt horrible!

Shanna said...

Um, I think this is probably redemption for the guy who forgot you a few years ago, unless it was the same guy.