Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There's a fungus among us

I'm about to bring up a polarizing subject. This is something that will probably have my readers divided into very vocal and opposing camps. I am referring, of course, to mushrooms.

Mushrooms might be my most favoritest vegetable-that's-not-really-a-vegetable. I like raw mushrooms. I like sauteed mushrooms. I like them in soup. I like them in salad. I like them on my chicken. I like them on my beef. I like them on my body (ok that just got weird. I was rolling with the Dr. Seuss thing a little too long.)

I like big mushrooms and I cannot lie. Them other brothas can't deny...ahem. Sorry. I got sidetracked again.

Today, I was eating the leftovers of a pretty darn impressive stirfry that I made last night. It had chicken and fresh green beans and MUSHROOMS and my first thought was "Dear Lean Cuisine, why do I let you do all the cooking when I'm so much better at it than you are?"

My second thought was "I luv u, little mushroom. I luv u so mush."


Melody said...

As a fellow lover of the mushroom, I cannot in good conscience let this blog entry go unheralded. You may even have made me love mushrooms just a little bit more (if that's even possible).

"What?! Aren't I a fungi? Get it?? FUN-GUY????"

Ulovebeth said...

For a minute, I thought this was going to be about toe fungus...and then I had some comments!!

I used to not like mushrooms, but now I do.

Avoid the poisonous ones.