Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thank you, come again!

Wow. I'm averaging a blog update once a week. Remember the days when I blogged Monday through Friday? That was the halcyon age of the QQ. I'm sorry I don't blog more often. But I feel like nothing really amusing or interesting happens to me these days.

Of course, you all must realize that I'm posting today because something amusing or interesting DID happen to me recently. Grab your popcorn, folks. The QQ has a story.

There's this 40-something couple who are friends of mine. They have a couple of pre-teen daughters and the whole family is very fun and funny. I especially enjoy the husband and wife -- both are intelligent, quick-witted and engaging.

The other day I was chatting with the wife about life and love and other eloquent subjects. She started talking about marriage and told me she had decided that if she dies young, she wants her husband to immediately remarry. I asked her why. She said because her daughters need a mother and she doesn't want her husband to grow lonely or become bitter. I affirmed those as good reasons. She said she had even gone so far as to ask one of her friends to encourage her husband to quickly remarry and urge him through the process.

Then she gave me a little glance and said "oh by the way, you're on my list of potential matches for him."

Well...that just got awkward.


Mimi said...

I literally laughed out loud! I mean...what do you say? Thanks?! Yeah...thanks!

Wow! hahaha!!

Ulovebeth said...

We need to do a blog everyday month--and make it a contest.
Winner gets dinner! :)