Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guns don't kill people...

Chuck Norris kills people.

Today is Chuck Norris' birthday. My favorite Chuck Norris moment was on a mission trip a couple years ago. Our team met up with missionaries in another country, including a 17-year-old missionary kid whose parents allowed him to join up with us and spend a couple weeks traveling through the Amazon region of Brazil.

One afternoon we were all hanging out, waiting for things to cool off again before we went out to the village. For some reason we started swapping Chuck Norris jokes. We were cracking ourselves up thinking of all the jokes we could remember.

Suddenly in the midst of our hilarity, our little meek and mild missionary kid calmly announced he had a Chuck Norris joke to share. We all looked at him in this quiet sweet kid who was raised on the mission field said "Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. Now they're just the Islands."

It still makes me crack up every time.

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Andy said...

Chuck Norris was a Trending Topic on Twitter all day today. I talked about the funny tweets on my show