Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas "Surprises"

My mom called me last night as I was driving home and asked if I was warm.
"Well Mom, it's pretty cold outside and I'm wearing a coat, but my feet are a bit chilly right now," I said.
"Have you ever thought that a snuggie would make a great Christmas present?" she asked.
"No. No, I have not ever thought that. I'm pretty sure a snuggie would NOT make a great Christmas present," I answered.
"Are you sure you wouldn't love to get a leopard-print snuggie for Christmas?" she asked again.
"I'm positive that is not what I want for Christmas," I declared emphatically.
"Well, you better get excited about it...because that's what gramma is giving you..." she snickered.
Yes, my mom snickered at me.
And yes, I'm getting a leopard-print snuggie for Christmas. Whether I like it or not.


Ulovebeth said...

I kind of would like a snuggie and I didn't know they came in leopard!!
After Christmas Gift Exchange Party is on!!!

Erin said...

I hope gramma doesn't read your blog... ;-)

Mimi said...

Several of my friends got snuggies as a joke for their birthdays or whatnot and they are officially in love. Which in turn makes me want to "test" one out and see what it's all about. So don't diss least not yet. These people are legit (not that your gramma isn't). I guess what I'm saying is - Don't be a hater! ;0)

ADW said...

Ummm...I happen to OWN a leopard print Snuggie, and it is actually pretty schnazzy. I bought it as a joke, but it is really useful when I need to grade papers on the couch. I don't have to use the throw, but keep my hands uncovered (and cold). HOWEVER, I do not practice "raising the roof" like the people do on the commercial. Try it. You'll like it, though you may be embarassed to say so at first.

Josh said...

I told mom you would enjoy it, for no other reason than because you would get to blog about getting a leopard print snuggie.