Monday, October 05, 2009

I sure hope he meant sci-fi...

I've been to several weddings recently, which is always an interesting experience for me because you end up having a whole bunch of random people thrown into one big party together whether they're compatible or not.

At one of the weddings I went to, I ended up at a table with an eclectic assortment of people. Among them was a woman who informed me she married at the age of 30. Her husband was 23 years older than her. They had their first child when he was 56.

Next to her, there was another lady who seemed like the kind of woman I will be in about 30 years. She was outgoing, sassy and irreverent, but clearly trying to behave herself. She was a hoot. It was taking quite a long time to get food and be served at the reception. At one point she announced to the table that Subway has better service than this place.

And then there was the old uncle across the table. There he sat in his suspenders...waxing eloquent about his life and various illnesses. At one point he invited us to visit his store. "What kind of store do you have?" the lady next to me asked. "It's a fantasy store," the old uncle said.

Our smiles froze in place. All I could think was "don't make eye contact!" He then rambled on about selling candy and sweets which left me even more puzzled.

We finally concluded he must have said something else and we all mistakenly heard 'fantasy.'
But really I prefer thinking he runs a fantasy store. In his suspenders.

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