Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another Dinner Tale

In another amusing consideration of the difference between men and women...I was recently invited over to a guy friend's house to hang out and play games. When I arrived, the two guys who had invited me had excited looks on their faces. "We cooked dinner for you!" they exclaimed. They were clearly very proud of this accomplishment and of course I was quite grateful to be the beneficiary of a home-cooked meal that I had not prepared myself.

They proceeded to serve the meal...frozen lasagna, frozen peas and a loaf of bread. It was the most bachelor-y meal I've had the honor to be served. It was adorable and of course I exhibited deep gratitude and acted duly impressed that they had reheated food for me. :)


Mimi said...

that's super cute!

Carissa said...

Too funny! And they don't figure out that this isn't "cooking" when they get married! Mike told me he'd cook for me after the baby was born while he was home for 3 weeks and that happened all of 3 times and one of those was heating up fish sticks and french fries. When he tried to claim reheating pizza as "cooking" I told him we have to define our terms before the next baby is born!

Thirsty Bear said...

The guys that cooked...were the same fellas that you cooked for previously?