Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This morning as I pulled into the parking lot of city hall, I noticed a councilmember park his car in one of the spaces reserved for the media. He got out of the car and started walking toward the building. All of a sudden the parking attendant walked up to him and said "you can't park there."

"But I'm a councilmember," the councilmember replied.

"I know who you are, honey. But you can't park there. Those spots are reserved for the news media," the parking attendant said. "They gotta be able to get inside and tape you. You gotta park somewhere else."

Oh it was a sweet, sweet moment.

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Doctor FTSE said...

The naughty reprimand always comes to you afterwards!
"I guessed you were a council member, honey, because you obviously can't read!"

It's much the same in UK where "Disabled" and "Parents With Toddler" spaces are ritually abused, with the offending driver using the peculiar justification
"But there's no one parked here just now!"

(I landed on your blog via blogger profiles with an interest in movie "Sixth Sense" BW at his best!)

All good wishes