Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping Around

Last night I went grocery shopping and stopped in at the deli to get some turkey. I was waiting patiently for my turn and was a bit lost in the meanderings of my mind, when I sensed a shopping cart pulled up very close behind me. I crept forward, creating a bit more distance and the cart followed. Then a man behind me started loudly saying "excuse me ma'am" in a really annoyed tone as he attempted to edge his cart past mine.

There just wasn't much room, so I pulled over to the side as much as I could and turned to look at him, only to be confronted with kind eyes, dazzling teeth and a friendly smile coming from the warm gaze of an extremely attractive man.

He then proceeded to talk with me for the next 10 minutes in the grocery store as we compared items in our grocery carts, sampled different selections the deli ladies wanted us to try and chatted about sundry subjects.

We walked through the parking lot together...with plans to see each other on Sunday.

Ok ok fine...it was a guy I know from church and am friends with. Happy now?

1 comment:

Ulovebeth said...

Hey--at least it wasn't the cracker guy or the guy in dry goods and nuts...They're mine.