Friday, May 08, 2009

The Evil Within

Sometimes I really like to mess with people. I mean I get all giddy just thinking about little jokes and pranks.

Last night I was at a party and felt the jokes just bubbling up out of me. My good friend, we'll call him Tim Possibly, was at the party. He was chatting with some mutual friends, so I walked right past him, looked at one of the girls he was talking with and said "Have you ever thought about how the name Laurie Possibly sounds?"

The group went silent, then all the girls started cracking up laughing while Tim Possibly stood there uh ummm...wha?

Oh sometimes I am just so BAD!


Ulovebeth said...

Maybe you should be kind to Tim. Just maybe.

But if he was Tim Possible, he could be a Disney spinoff.

O.M.G. said...

that's awesome! wish i had been there...would have given you a high-five for that one..haha!
i miss get-togethers with all the singles back in htown. :( love to hear the stories.