Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hangovers, Wardrobe Malfunctions and other unfortunate events

I feel seriously messed up today. Yesterday afternoon my right ear started feeling odd and within a few hours I had a full-blown ear infection with excruciating pain. I cried all the way home and rushed inside to take some heavy-duty pain meds and curled into the fetal position on my bed. By 9pm my eardrum ruptured. If you've never experienced this sensation the best way to describe it is a moment of agony followed by a moment of ecstasy.

I spent the night stoned on medication but unable to get restful sleep because of the various ear infection side effects.

Got up this morning and felt like a zombie. Now I'm lightheaded. I can't tell if it's the residual effects of the pain meds, the lack of sleep or the lack of equilibrium from my damaged ear.
I'm pretty sure I've said some loopy stuff to coworkers and friends today. Should be interesting being on the air this afternoon.

Oh, and just now a button fell off my dress.

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