Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogging Laurie-Style

Last night I felt like I was playing out some sort of chick-flick single girl stereotype. I found myself cooking stir-fry at 10pm while waiting for a guy to come over.

He turned up around 10:30. During the short time he was over I had to push him away several times, tell him not to get physical and remind him that no means no. Of course, this only made him try harder.

Oh, and as he was leaving he looked at me and said "when you blog about me sure and make it sound like this was a booty call."



O.M.G. said...

love it!

BeccaSue said...


Alyssa said...

he must have been prostituting himself out...because he called...and he ME...a few hours before that


Erin said...

I think I saw that movie.