Thursday, January 22, 2009

Noticing You Noticing Me

How Girls Think:

I've just finished a good cardio work-out with a friend. We're walking out.
I look ahead and think "Oh no! Cute guy from church is here! I look AWFUL! Maybe he won't notice me. But that would be disappointing, I want him to notice me. I just don't want him to notice that I'm wearing a baggy t-shirt and am all sweaty with messy hair. Maybe he won't notice. What am I thinking...of course he'll notice! I look ridiculous. Oh no...he sees me. He's smiling and waving...that's good...I should wave back...but keep walking...don't stop and say hello...walking...walking...aggghhh! He's stepping away from his friends! He's coming over here. Yay...he wants to talk to me! OMG he's so cute. He just touched my arm! Oh no, I sound like a dork...I don't know what to talk about. AWKward! He's still talking...all his friends are waiting for him...I'm loving his coat! Ok I can do this...just smile and be vivacious...I'm great at vivacious! Just don't say anything stupid...ok wrapping up the conversation...walking away...ok...whew."

All of this in the span of five minutes while carrying on a conversation. Welcome to my world.


Mimi said...

Laurie -
I'm rolling in laughter because WHAT GIRL has not gone through this OMG OMG OMG OMG moment!?
You captured it perfectly.
p.s. I found you through a blog surf that started with my cousin mia's blog.

O.M.G. said...

awesome. so been there, done that.

Rebecca said...