Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Communication: It's What I Do

Apparently even those of us in the professional communication industry are still confused in the area of male/female interactions.

Case in point: I recently met a very nice public relations professional at an event. After the event, as we were walking out, he turned to me and said "You're great. I like you. Are you ever available for lunch?"

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary. I could assume his intentions are purely professional. It's not uncommon for PR people to take media people out for lunch or coffee in an effort to pitch story ideas or seek input on media coverage. It's not the first time a PR person has asked me to lunch.

But then again, there's the "you're great, I like you" part. Now that's just not something I hear every day from PR folks. Usually the invitations are couched in more business-like tones such as "I'd love to bounce some ideas off you and see if we could develop any stories together."

So what say you, faithful reader? Was he asking for a date, or a business lunch? And will I really be sure until I get there?


Mindy said...

when it comes to male/female interaction...you may not even be sure after you've been there. :) LOL

But always assume the less assuming- so probably not a date- but a pleasant surprise if it were!

Carissa said...

I say date - I mean he asked if you were "ever" available for lunch - indicating he doesn't have a story brewing that he wants to get your opinion on. Of course, I guessed wrong all the time in my own life, so what do I know?!? :)