Monday, December 22, 2008

Reason # 132 Why I Love My Job

This came in the mail for me in a press kit. Examine the small diagram on the right side.

That's right. You're supposed to use this nasal teapot to shoot stuff up your nose. And is it just me or does the spout looke a little...errrm...well...suggestive?


Mindy said...

ha ha ha... it is very, eh, suggestive! :)

oddly enough.. a few months back i was having some sinus trouble and 2 people recommended I get one of these. (which i didnt) I had no idea what it was, so i looked it up on you tube because of how they were describing it... and I was totally grossed out- the worst part isn't that you put the water in your nose, it's that you let it come out the other side!!!! UGGGH!

Carissa said...

that is too funny - what were they thinking with that spout?!?

At my husband's recommendation, I have used a sinus rinse, but it uses a regular squirt bottle instead of a teapot.

I have to say, as gross as it is, when you are congested and cannot get relief, it definitely helps!

Jen said...

Have you ever seen the commercial for it on You Tube? It's absolutely pricelessly disgusting.