Friday, December 19, 2008

8 Things

Nancy tagged me. She's like that. ;)
This is harder than it seems. I don't necessarily have a top eight things in all these categories. And they aren't necessarily in order of importance...wrote them down as they came to mind....and some are scraping the bottom of the barrel...oh the pressure!

8 TV Shows I Watch

Dancing with the Stars
Tim Gunn's Guide to Style
Project Runway
What Not to Wear
Seinfeld reruns
Friends reruns

8 Favorite Restaurants

Lupe Tortilla's
Backstreet Cafe
Niko Niko's
the breakfast klub
Baby Barnaby's
Empire Cafe

8 Things That Happened to Me Today

Got a Starbucks Espresso Truffle
Got a pedicure
Talked with a Buddhist about Christmas
Updated Facebook status
Got blog-tagged
Saw my picture in a magazine
Talked to Jesus
Still waiting for number 8 to happen

8 Things I Look Forward To

Todd's party tonight
Ward's wedding tomorrow
My first kiss
Talking to Jesus in person
My 30th birthday
Wearing my new green dress
Having adventures

8 Things I Wish For

Having adventures
My dad to get better
My mom to know how loved she is
A thinner body
A husband
An unlimited shoe allowance
To live in another country

1 comment:

Mindy said...

the first kiss is overrrated :)