Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventures in Shoe Shopping

On Saturday some dear girlfriends were in town and we spent the entire day having fun together. In the afternoon, three of us went shoe shopping.

Side note: I truly did need a new pair of black heels for work. My old pair was worn out.

Back to the story. Two noteworthy incidents happened at the shoe store. I'll tell the last one first. My friend and I combined our items into one purchase. The cashier rang up our total and we proceeded to leave. I glanced at the receipt and realized the cashier only charged me for two pairs of shoes, when in fact we had three pairs in our bags. I went back, got in line and informed the cashier about the mistake. She started to void out the entire transaction. I tried to stop her, telling her she didn't need to void anything. She simply needed to charge me for the one pair of shoes that I hadn't yet paid for. She got this very puzzled look on her face and said she needed to do it this way so she wouldn't get confused. Hmmm. Too late for that.

So she starts scanning and voiding and punching various numbers into her computer and then turns to me and says that'll be $97.35. Um, excuse me? I pointed out to her that the pair of boots I was trying to pay for only cost $45. She told me I owed her $97.35 because she had credited back the transaction and this was my new total. I then pointed out that she hadn't credited anything back on my card. My Visa had already been charged for the other shoes and nothing had been put back on my Visa so it didn't make sense for me to pay an additional $97.35.

She actually had to call her manager over to figure out how to handle this transaction. To my horror, the manager couldn't figure it out either and never bothered to greet me, apologize or ask me exactly what the problem was. I finally had to interrupt them and explain to them exactly what needed to happen. All they needed to do was ring up the pair of boots and allow me to pay for them.

I finally convinced them. She rang up the boots and said that'll be $48.67. I was about to swipe my card when I noticed the credit card scanner displayed a much higher amount. So they had to start the whole process over again.

The other noteworthy thing that happened was while trying on shoes. One of my friends decided she wanted to try on a pair of sandals, but she was wearing tights under her dress. While my other friend and I shielded her with our bodies and shopping bags, she proceeded to remove her tights, try on the shoes and then put her tights back on...all in the middle of the store. Impressive.

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