Thursday, October 30, 2008


It's amazing how little you know about your friends when you think about it. I just found out my good buddy, Marco, used to be a competitive break-dancer. I went to Brazil with this guy and trekked through the Amazon with him. I never would have known. Thank you, Facebook.

Earlier this week I was chatting on the phone with another guy friend. I was telling him about a touching story I read that really spoke to my heart. It was about a woman who had a double mastectomy. She felt ugly, broken and undesirable and was worried that she would never again be a whole woman for her husband. Her husband just held her and said "I will never stop loving you because that's who I am." She said it reminded her of how Christ loves us, through our brokenness and the cancer of sin, simply because of who He is. After I shared this whole story with my friend, he responded "well at least you didn't have to have a double mastectomy to learn that lesson." Such sensitivity.

I have two guys friends who I refer to as my "kissing friends." Not that kind of kissing. Get your minds out of the gutter. Cheek kisses, pecks, the kind of kiss you give someone as a greeting. One of these guys is a church friend and the other is a work friend. One is single and the other is married. I'm not really going anywhere with's just interesting. I'm not sure how I developed kissing friends. But I appreciate them.

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