Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Priceless Moments

Since Mindy already outed herself, I have no qualms about sharing this story.
We were texting last night and one of her messages seemed a little confusing at first. It read "I keep intending to email you back - hoping to get to it tomorrow-but i've been praying for you. hope you're doing well. if nothing else lance b" and that was the end of the message. Hmmm, ok.

Then a second text came through and I laughed out loud because it read "ass dancing should do your spirits some good."

Turns out my blackberry split her messages into two separate texts. It should have read "lance bass dancing" instead of "lance b" and "ass dancing." But it definitely did do my spirits some good.

And in another example of unfortunate typos, I saw a truck driving down the freeway with an advertisement for "Parking Lot Stripping." I'm pretty sure they meant striping, but maybe it's actually a kinky new form of entertainment that I haven't been...ahem...exposed to.

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Mindy said...

i'm crying laughing as I read that again...