Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hatin' on Ike

I'm at Transtar and it looks like this may be my new home for the next two or three days. The storm isn't even here yet and I'm already exhausted.

They're going to lock down this facility at noon tomorrow. That means no one gets in and no one gets out until after the hurricane has fully passed. Which also means your friendly neighborhood reporter will be stuck here and at the mercy of Harris County officials.

I have my air mattress, sleeping bag, clothes and toiletries with me. But they don't have showers here, so we're all going to be a bit aromatic by the time this is all over. I'm not looking forward to my sponge bath in the restroom sink.


Nancy Mon said...

Sheila Jackson Lee looks like she wants to say something so bad in this news conference.

Mindy said...

Where is Transtar? That sounds fun! Like a different planet! :)