Friday, September 12, 2008

Boredom sets in

It's getting a little slow here this afternoon. We're in that weird period when the evacuation frenzy is over but the storm isn't here yet. All the reporters are kinda lounging around, snacking on hurricane supplies, watching YouTube videos and griping about the lack of updates from local officials.

Various people have staked out their claim on territory for cots and air mattresses. I figure I want to find the spot with the least snorers in the vicinity.

They served us Jason's Deli for lunch. Makes me wonder which store was still open and providing catering this afternoon. Odd. The one thing we're lacking at this point is coffee and I'm fairly certain if they don't bring some in by tomorrow morning there will be a mob of very angry journalists breaking down the Mayor's door. It's a widely known fact that journalists subsist primarily on coffee and bourbon (although not necessarily at the same time).

We don't have any bourbon either, in case anyone was wondering.

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Ulovebeth said...

Hope all is well, Laurie! Thanks for reporting the news!

Beware of crazies.