Friday, September 05, 2008

Because it's Friday

Here's a round-up of some links I've enjoyed this week.

Check out Lexi's blog, Inkslinging in Africa. Alexis was a writer for the Houston Chronicle, but decided she wanted to pursue some dreams of seeing the world. She's spent the past few months traveling through French-speaking Africa. Her blog is pretty incredible.

Another current favorite is Mo Rocca's blog. Very witty and intelligent. His entry about the Evil Chinese Gymnasts had me cracking up.

And, courtesy of my brother, a video to ease you into the weekend. Enjoy.


Lexi said...

Thanks, girl! (My blog tells me when someone links to it.) Now I get to read yours! Cheers... Lexi

Mindy said...

alphonso ribiero breakin and poppin... ha hah ah.. that made my day...