Friday, May 09, 2008

Scary and Sad

Yesterday I was driving along Memorial, heading toward downtown. There was a sedan a short distance ahead of me. I noticed the car started weaving erratically across the road. The car would list toward to the left side and then abruptly jerk over to the far right. Twice, the driver came very close to hitting a light pole. That's when I decided to call the police.

I dialed the number and was waiting for dispatch to pick up...but before I even got through I noticed a police cruiser driving behind me. He soon saw what was going on and turned on his lights, zoomed around me and went after the (apparently) drunk driver.

The car didn't pull over! There I am driving down the road thinking "I'm about to witness a high-speed chase"!

The car just kept driving, with the police officer tailing right behind. I don't know if the driver was trying to get away or just completely oblivious.

Finally, right when we reached downtown, the driver decided to pull over. Unfortunately she exited and stopped in the exact place I needed to go to get to work. So there I am sitting behind the police cruiser, which is sitting behind the drunk driver.

I didn't want to immediately pull around them -- I was worried I might make the police officer nervous. So I waited until he was in conversation with her and making her step out of the car and then I went around them.

The really awful part is that all of this happened at 4:15AM. Seriously, you need to get help if you're plastered at four in the morning on a Thursday.

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On the rocks said...

My first thought is to ask if this person was a teacher. This time of the school year, I wouldn't blame them one bit for getting a little snookered before having to face a class of spring-fevered children. Now driving is another thing altogether...