Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pray for 50 Cows

I have a prayer request. Please pray for God to provide 50 cows.

I'm not making this up. Last night a young missionary named Agook visited with a few people at our house. He's one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and recently joined Aid Sudan as a missionary to his people. He travels back to his country a few times each year. They help to repair water wells, bring food and medical supplies and provide pastoral training and church support. On his last trip he met a girl named Grace. He said by the second time he met her, he knew she was the woman he is supposed to marry. The only problem is that several other men are interested in marrying her as well and therefore her dowry is quite high. Agook needs 50 cows. He is confident that the Lord will provide and hopeful that he may be married as soon as this summer. Pray for Agook's safety and ministry in Sudan. And pray for 50 cows.

Agook is on the far right.

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