Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sunday was my three-year blogiversary. I was at a wedding, which seems apropos.

I didn't want to return home from North Carolina. The weather was perfect. The scenery was picturesque. The flowers were in full bloom. And I felt like a southern belle while sitting on the veranda of my lovely plantation-style hotel, pictured below.

But of course I had to come home. The honeymoon...er...conference couldn't last forever. I returned to Houston. The weather feels like someone left the front and back doors of Hell open and threw in some molten lava for good measure. The view is polluted. The plants are shriveling in the heat. And I felt like driving in the traffic on Westheimer is asking too much of anyone, as pictured below.

Yes, that really is a picture I took yesterday afternoon on Westheimer at Hillcroft. There were two ladies and two children in the car. They escaped literally moments before the whole car was engulfed in flames.

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