Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blogging on Location

I'm blogging from a conference in Chapel Hill, NC. I'm actually in the conference right now, which shows how exciting it is. I will say though that the hotel we're staying in is outstanding. It's the historic Carolina Inn and it is really beautiful. They handed me a warm chocolate chip cookie when I checked in last night. And even better, the bed was one of the most comfortable I've ever slept in. Seriously I slept better than I have in years. That makes this boring conference all worth it. Incidentally I'm blogging from my blackberry and can't really tell if it's working so somebody leave a comment and let me know.


Troy said...

Can you find out what kind of mattress you have in your room? I'll be shopping for a new mattress soon.

Mindy said...

sounds like you're at a Westin to me! :)