Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Picture Perfect

Last week I was chatting with a co-worker in the studio and someone walked by and snapped our picture. We were both caught a little off-guard, but laughed about it. I mentioned how I think candid shots are always terrible. You usually end up making some strange face or looking drunk or something.

My co-worker agreed and then said "but you take great candid shots. You're very photogenic."

Me: "Hmm, I don't usually feel that way, but thanks for saying that."

Him: "No really. In fact I have a great picture of you that I snapped a while back. It's up on the wall in my apartment."

Me, nervously: "You have a picture of me? In your apartment?"

Him: "Yeah. You look really cute in it."

Me, mildly disturbed: "Well...thanks."

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